Inspired by the American recordings of Johnny Cash and Rick Rubin Story Of A Dead Man perform songs from the lifework of the immortal legend Johnny Cash.

Since Story Of A Dead Man always deal with given material in a new perspective, their work is called “Cash Songs – Own Style”.

With every show the Band is taking the audience to a trip to get a experience of what made Johnny Cash and his songs so magic until today. Our show is more like getting an inside view on the history of Johnny Cash an his music than just hearing covers of well known songs.

You´ll can get a first Impression of what Story Of a Dead Man is all about when you take a look at

“Session No. 1”

The idea behind the song is to empathize with a criminal on his way to prison – a classic motif in Johnny Cash’s work. He could think of everything he leaves behind, though at the end he is confident to get through the hard times he is facing.

If you like our work feel free to ask us to do a show for you. Thank you!