Inspired by the American Recordings of Johnny Cash and Rick Rubin, Story Of A Dead Man performs songs from the Great American Songbook and by Johnny Cash.

With every single song and show the band takes their audience on a musical journey to the origins of American country, blues and folk music, whose repertoire was influenced by Cash.

The bands artistic aspirations are to consistantly gain new musical perspectives from this never-ending repertoire.

For that reason the band experiments with the given song material, combines it a new and finds a new sound for old tunes.

This makes the performances by Story of A Dead Man a unique musical experience rather than a nostalgic Cash revival, since their shows and recordings are always an expression of a vivid music tradition.

You´ll can get a first Impression of what Story Of a Dead Man is all about when you take a look at

“Session No. 1”

The idea behind the song is to empathize with a criminal on his way to prison – a classic motif in Johnny Cash’s work. He could think of everything he leaves behind, though at the end he is confident to get through the hard times he is facing.

If you like our work feel free to ask us to do a show for you. Thank you!